Jewish Experience in Vienna

I will be taking some time away from Vienna and am offering a great spot in Burgenland – The region of Sheva Kehillot – Sieben Gemeinden with a rich Jewish history.

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The original Jewish Vienna Virtual Tour

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Venturing into almost 1000 years of Jewish life in Vienna has never been so simple. We have licensed tour guides who can give tours of Jewish Vienna in English, Russian and German.

Modern Jewish life in Vienna is also discussed on the Vienna Jewish Tour, and sites toured of prominent Jewish History dating back centuries in Vienna. The best insider tour of Jewish Vienna will give insight to Jewish life in Vienna during the first, second and third exiles, which culminated in the Holocaust and the destruction of Vienna’s once thriving 220,000 strong community.

The original Jewish Vienna

As Vienna has a rich and vibrant Jewish history going back over 1000 years, it can be quite overwhelming to sit and set-up a plan to get the most out of your experience here.
Let us save you some time and effort and set-up a customized and original Jewish Vienna Tour.