Vienna Kosher List

Kosher food refers to food that is permissible to eat according to Jewish dietary laws, or “kashrut.” These laws are set forth in the Torah and have been interpreted and expanded upon by rabbinical authorities throughout history.

The basic rules of kosher food include a prohibition against eating certain animals, such as pigs and shellfish, and a requirement that animals that are permissible to eat must be slaughtered in a specific way. Additionally, there are rules about separating meat and dairy products, and about not mixing meat and dairy in the same meal.

Food that is considered kosher must also be prepared in a certain way. For example, it cannot be cooked with non-kosher ingredients or cooked on non-kosher equipment. Additionally, there are restrictions on the types of insects and bugs that can be consumed.

The kosher food industry is subject to strict oversight by rabbinical authorities, who are responsible for ensuring that food is prepared and labeled according to kosher laws. Food that is certified kosher will usually bear a symbol or label indicating that it has been certified by a reputable kosher certification organization.

The main idea behind the kosher food is to follow the Jewish dietary laws that are set forth in the Torah, in order to be in conformity with Jewish religious beliefs.Regenerate response

The great thing about Vienna is its Kosher infrastructure. The the Kosher authorities in Vienna have taken great care to categorize many product on store shelves in the Kosher list. Luckily, you have the list at your fingertips here.

This is the main list from the Jewish Community of Austria, approved by Rabbi Schwartz.
Kashrus Committee Vienna HaMadrich 

Here is the list for the Mizrachi Community:
Mizrachi Kosher Guide

Vienna Eruv

Vienna also has a Kosher, fully-functional Eruv (עירוב) encompassing significant swaths of the central districts. Here is more information about it and the website will provide up-to-date information!

Kosher Dining in Vienna 

Vienna has come a long way in the last 70-odd years. It offers an extensive selection of Kosher and Jewish-themed dining experiences. It has many Kosher grocery stores, restaurants, caterers and much more. ShabbesKitchen offers an excellent selection of Kosher options at their cozy eatery a few steps from Vienna’s Stadpark where the “gold-plated” statues of Strauss (Walz) stands. Shabbeskitchen offers catering Europewide from their Vienna location, and of course, on any trip in and around Vienna. Another excellent establishment, Shefa, offers a dairy cafe and a full-fledged grocery store. So whether Jewish-themed or strictly Kosher, Vienna’s infrastructure offers everything for everyone’s tastebuds.